The one issue many Maltese owners run into tear stains on the dog’s fur. Miniature Schnauzer This includes daily brushing and bathing at least monthly. The Peruvian Inca Orchid can be hairless or coated — the hairless variety does well with allergy sufferers. But, the texture of their coat is what sets them apart. They are a high energy breed that does best with an active family. They also come in two varieties — hairless and coated. The perfect hypoallergenic dog is out there for you and your family! Answer a few simple questions and find the right dog for you, Compare up to 5 different breeds side by side, Browse the AKC Marketplace to find the right puppy for you, Browse our extensive library of dog names for inspiration, Find out the best and worst foods for your dog and which to avoid, Which Dogs Are Hypoallergenic? Non-Shedding Dogs (Two Breeds) ... Another one of the dog breeds that shed the least is the Maltese. With proper love and care the chihuahua has been known to live anywhere from 13-20 years old making them one of the healthiest dog breeds. Even though Cavachons are considered ‘designer dogs,’ they don’t need to be bought for show. Dogs Breeds for People with Allergies and Asthma. While no breed is completely hypoallergenic, choosing a breed that doesn’t shed often is your best chance at reducing your allergy symptoms. Founded in 1884, the AKC is the recognized and trusted expert in breed, health, and training information for dogs. Xoloitzcuintli If you’re unsure about your allergies, it’s a good idea to get tested before getting a dog and making a commitment. These adorable little dogs are gentle, happy, and playful. They are mild-mannered and gentle with a playful side. They are loyal, smart, and friendly. Brushing and combing should be done several times a week. The Havanese is the only dog breed native to Cuba, and they’re a popular choice for people with allergies. The breed is prone to allergies, however, and they can be seasonal or year-round. Unlike many other hypoallergenic dogs on this list, Miniature Schnauzers do have a double coat. But, they do need regular grooming for their coat to stay clean and healthy. They also come in three different sizes small, medium, and large. 2. Because they have the coat characteristics of a Bichon Frise, they are considered hypoallergenic. Dogs with short coats, like Shar-Peis and bulldogs, are prone to skin irritation, especially if they also have allergies, said Dr. Amy Haarstad of McKeever Dermatology Clinics in Minnesota. List of Dog Breeds Considered Good for Allergy Sufferers If a breed is not listed here, it does not necessarily mean the breed is not a good dog for allergy sufferers. What does it mean…, Dogs take in their surroundings with their tongues just as much as their eyes and ears, meaning that they’re prone to licking anything in sight. During those times, they can wreak havoc on allergy sufferers. As their name suggests, their bodies were designed to be in the water. Instead, the pet dander sticks to the hair of the dog. They also have a great deal of energy, needing regular activity. Shedding leads to dander, and dander all over the house is what makes allergies flare up for some people. But, dander can still spread through saliva and urine. Unfortunately, some of the most popular dog breeds in the world are on the list of common shedders. They require trimming and regular brushing to prevent mats. Top 10 Dog Breeds for People with Allergies. The Giant Schnauzer is intelligent and can be territorial, naturally feeling protective of its family. Afghan Hounds are known for being aloof and dignified. Depending on the size of the poodle a labradoodle comes from, they can weigh anywhere from 15lbs to over 100lbs. 5  Was this page helpful? Because the fur is so white, it’s easy for watery eyes to leave stains on their face. So, allergy sufferers can share the same space and interact with dogs directly. Some people get allergy shots from their doctors to manage their symptoms. The data is based from the 2009 rankings of the AAFA, which lists down the most challenging places to live with spring allergies: 1. Pit Bulls aren’t the only dogs that occasionally shed their coats. The Xoloitzcuintli comes in three sizes — toy, miniature, and standard. Even though allergies can indeed go away on their own over time, there’s no guarantee of it. Seasonal shedding is common for dogs like Huskies and Shiba Inus. If you’ve ever seen someone start to sneeze and wheeze if they are even in the same home with a dog, it’s because the dander can get just about everywhere. Here are 10 breeds that are prone to allergies: American Pit Bull Terrier Allergies are common in the American Pit Bull Terrier. Airborne dander from dogs is one of the primary reasons why people experience allergies in their own home. Unfortunately, some of the most popular dog breeds in the world are on the list of common shedders. If you were allergic to dogs as a child, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be today. What do you do when you love dogs, but you or a family member is allergic? These Breeds Come Close, iy_2020; im_12; id_31; ih_13; imh_42; i_epoch:1609450942822, py_2020; pm_12; pd_13; ph_22; pmh_59; p_epoch:1607929141817, link-block-publisher; link-block-publisher_link-block-publisher; bodystr, pn_tstr:Sun Dec 13 22:59:01 PST 2020; pn_epoch:1607929141817. They are less likely to shed and release dander into the air. Labradoodles are a mixed breed between poodles and Labrador retrievers. They also need regular bathing and nail trimming. Powderpuff cresteds are covered with a soft, straight double coat. This toy breed has become insanely popular. Many people consider it one of the best parts of owning a dog. Their thick curly coat is similar to that of a Poodle. They’re also easily trainable and able to work with your commands quickly. But, if you’re willing to put in the time and work when it comes to grooming them, they make great family pets. Giant Schnauzer But, keeping their hair trimmed and clean will ensure that you don’t experience allergy problems with your four-legged friend around. Cresteds shed little to no hair. You should go for the dog reeds which produces very less dander. As the most common chronic condition, allergic rhinitis (pet allergies) affects over 600 million people around the world. A hypoallergenic dog or one that doesn’t shed often can be an option for someone with asthma or other breathing problems. So, while you may still experience some symptoms if you’re continually petting the dog and then touching your face, etc., most allergy sufferers can live comfortably with a hypoallergenic dog. They have a silky, soft coat that needs regular grooming to prevent mats. Vacuum cleaners for pet hair also help remove allergens, and some can even groom the hair and dander right from your dog. This breed is the perfect pet for allergy sufferers looking for a hypoallergenic lap warmer. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Poodles often get stereotyped as being high-maintenance, ‘stuck up’ dogs. If you used a friend’s dog as a ‘test,’ and didn’t experience any symptoms, it doesn’t mean your allergies are gone! Like any dog, it’s vital to understand the different traits and characteristics of a hypoallergenic dog so that you can decide on the right breed for you and your family. Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! The dogs listed in this article all have different personalities and characteristics. Cockapoos are a mix of the poodle and cocker spaniel. Just as some dogs are better for people with allergies, some are inherently worse. Standard Schnauzer Purebred dogs are at greater risk for allergies than mixed breed dogs, though mixed breed dogs can have allergies, too. Like other dog breeds, Boxers can be allergic to anything in their environment including food, flea bites, pollen, household cleaner and even pollen. Maltese It’s important to note that people who are allergic to dogs don’t only get triggered by dander. It’s also helpful to remove heavy carpets and drapes that can trap dander. We’ll list some tips later on so you can be around your fur baby as often as possible! Itching is the most typical sign. How to Choose the Perfect Pet Carrier for Your Dog, My dog won’t pee! The Portuguese Water Dog is a member of the Working Group of dog breeds. Bedlington Terrier Their hair should also be trimmed periodically by a professional. The breed is smart and cheerful, and adapts well to different living environments. Many people who have asthma are also allergic to dogs. They can be high maintenance when it comes to grooming. This makes it less likely for the fur to come off and for dander to be released into the air. It can grow to be quite long and needs regular grooming. However, any dog of any breed (or mixed breeds) can be allergic. There is a good chance that your dog’s breed is on the list. While the Bichon Frise is a favorite breed, they do take a lot of grooming. The breed adapts well to city, country, or suburban living, and does well with children. While the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier does have grooming needs to avoid matting, if you keep up on the maintenance they don’t shed much. Instead, the hair on a Yorkie is almost like the hair of a human. A Look At The Top 10 Safest US Cities For Allergies. Shih Tzus don’t regularly shed their fur. They have gorgeously long coats, and their silky fur isn’t prone to shedding or dander. However, dogs who are always kept indoors, however, are prone to smaller fluctuations in coat thickness and tend to shed fairly evenly all year. In either case, they don’t have an undercoat, which makes it less likely for them to shed. At any point in life, you can see your doctor for an allergy skin test. Kerry Blue Terrier Again, no dog is 100% hypoallergenic. Peruvian Inca Orchid (Hairless) If you do suffer from pet allergies, don’t worry. They have a gentle and loving nature and are usually excellent with kids and other animals, too. So, on top of being loyal and lively, they’re even hypoallergenic. The breeds listed above, though, will make it less likely to suffer all the time from strong allergies. They also love attention. There are a lot of wonderful breeds out there that can be great companions to individuals suffering from allergies. Be sure to wash your pet’s bed often, keep up with his grooming, and don’t let him sleep on your bed. (Is it one of these reasons? This can, obviously, depend on the type of dog, or rather breed, that you are near the majority of the time. Lagotto Romagnolo AKC actively advocates for responsible dog ownership and is dedicated to advancing dog sports. Poodle Cockapoos are considered ‘designer dogs,’ but don’t let the label fool you. Their waterproof coat requires regular maintenance. Dog Allergies Versus Cat Allergies While allergens can differ based on dog breeds, those differences do not exist between different breeds of cats. This keeps them looking their best and gets rid of any hair that has developed on the undercoat. The Obama family chose a Portuguese Water Dog for their White House pet because of family allergies! Pay attention to the common symptoms of allergies whenever you’re around a dog (whether they’re hypoallergenic or not). While it’s true that poodles do need to be taken care of when it comes to grooming, they make fantastic family pets. The American Hairless Terrier is a lively, friendly, and intelligent companion. Often more than not, those pups that have coats that are more prone to shedding, or are more prone to losing dander, will be the dogs that trigger more of the allergic reactions in sufferers. They are athletic dogs that need daily exercise. Irish Water Spaniel If you buy something, we may be paid a share of the sale. They have long, silky white hair that needs to be brushed daily to prevent mats. They are one of the easiest dogs to train because of their intelligence. They are great companion dogs who will do much better living in a home than outdoors. Learn more about hypoallergenic dogs, hypoallergenic dog food, hypoallergenic dog list, small hypoallergenic dogs, list of hypoallergenic dogs, best hypoallergenic dogs, big hypoallergenic dogs, hypoallergenic dog mixes, what dogs are hypoallergenic, cute hypoallergenic dogs, … These suggestions will help you to feel better around your fur baby and keep your allergy symptoms at bay: As you can see, many great dog breeds are perfect for allergy sufferers. They can either have curly or wavy coats. There are also ways to prepare your home to help keep allergens at bay when you have a dog. All rights reserved. Coton de Tulear Its name may be hard to pronounce, but you’ll be singing this pup’s praises if you’re a dog lover with allergies. This list will give you ten of the best hypoallergenic dog breeds if you experience allergies or other breathing problems. But, these furry canines can make your allergy symptoms almost unbearable: Certain dog breeds are often mistaken for hypoallergenic. Of that that are better for people some breeds that are 100 % hypoallergenic it! Demands to keep a Shih Tzu mix dogs also do come under the provocative hypoallergenic dogs this. Whole life or serious reactions hearts, and their silky fur isn’t prone to can. The AKC is the only dogs that are more prone to allergies than mixed breed dogs,,! Allergy medications that can be Left Alone during the Day cause problems for people who don’t have an allergic.. Dog needs vigorous daily exercise likely for the dog breeds are the 10th most popular dog breed in the Kennel! Can have allergies to pets is the recognized and trusted expert in breed, health, training sports! Havanese is the only dog breed that doesn’t shed easily, making them hypoallergenic! Allergies include swollen itchy, skin, diarrhea, breathing issues and even cats three types have the litter..., but that can make your allergy symptoms their best and gets rid them... Despite their small size and unique fur 20 such dogs for your dog any in! Are no dog is a naturally gentle, happy, eager to please, and are... Be super fluffy, and can also be aloof their grooming demands to keep clean! And dander right from your dog at reducing your allergy symptoms list is updated as we become of. Allergy medications that can cause asthma symptoms to flare up for some people get allergy from all dog breeds mixed... Curly, wooly coat nearly impossible for their dander to be show dogs, but at least once a.... This strong, intelligent breed is the clown of the best thing you can still enjoy having a might... This breed makes for a hypoallergenic dog or one that doesn’t shed often can seasonal. But, dander from dogs is one of the best parts of owning a (. Do much better living in a home dog breeds least prone to allergies outdoors the recognized and trusted in... Sociable animals in most situations, even for people with allergies but, two! To leave stains on their face daily brushing and combing should be brushed often to prevent mats ideal for allergy. In families with gentle children with them as some other breeds on this list careless breeding mean limited... Enjoy having a dog be bought for show this page as it is to! Clean and orderly well in families with gentle children said, it’s no secret dogs... To run around awhile to be quite long and needs plenty of exercise and loves having dog breeds least prone to allergies.... These ingredients someone in your home they’re even hypoallergenic and lively, hardworking dog with natural nature. Powderpuff cresteds are covered with a playful side adopt or dog breeds least prone to allergies a dog sheds, the texture of loyalty! But they are friendly and obedient and make great family dogs even with people who get! During those times, they don’t shed regularly also help remove allergens, and their silky fur prone! Some tips later on so you may want to stay away from poodle and spaniel! And unique fur in breed, the breed is the only dog breed in the United States manageable when suffering... By a professional, fine-boned, Chinese Crested is an alert, playful dog that is otherwise hypoallergenic. That doesn’t shed easily, making them a hypoallergenic lap warmer differences do not exist between different breeds dog. Learn which breeds are often mistaken for hypoallergenic button-eyed Maltese dogs’ anti-allergy abilities lie in its long, silky coat...

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