It is illegal to have a "house of ill fame" within 400 yards of a church or school. 14. In Las Vegas it is illegal to pawn your own dentures. Nevada Adoption Laws. Details about Nevada's prohibited consensual sexual activity laws are listed below. Which of these laws do you think is the most bizarre? One of the strangest is that you are not allowed to drive a camel on a highway. (2) It’s still “legal” to hang someone if they shoot your dog on your property. It was illegal to sell liquor at religious camp meetings, within a half-mile of the state prison, in the State Capitol Building or to imbeciles, Sex without a condom is considered illegal. Over the years Arizonans have shaken their head over some of the crazy stuff our politicians have done, including some of the legislation they’ve passed. It is illegal to conceal a spray-painted shopping cart in your basement. In Nyala, a man is forbidden from buying drinks for more than three people other than himself at any one period during the day. Enough said. Check out the 10 Nevada laws below to understand exactly what I mean. in ATVs. In order to register a handgun, however, it must be brought in to the … These are in many cases based on misunderstandings, exaggerations or outright fabrications. The World’s Best Collection of Stupid Laws! ☰ Menu. “Dumb Laws” Across the United States It Is Prohibited To Harass Big Foot … While we continue to feature destinations that make our state wonderful, please take proper precautions or add them to your bucket list to see at a later date. Skip to content. 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The law specifies that a beer and wine store should be in the exclusive business of selling adult beverages and that any water or soda sold needs to be room temperature, according to Find Law. Get more stories delivered right to your email. While some may have a hint of reason to them, others just seem too far out there to possibly be true. It’s a crime against nature if you don’t! New Hampshire It is illegal to collect and carry away seaweed at the beach, but only at night. Written by Brent Huntley. They’ve all been in the law books at one time or another, and some still are. Arizona’s “Stupid Motorist Law” is the nickname for this statute. It is illegal to turn right on a red light at any time. Read More. Originally posted July 8 2015In light of the recently overturned ban on dancing in Japan and the slightly bizarre enforcement of bicycle laws, we’ve compiled The Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) is the codified, administrative regulations of the Executive Branch. Sitting or lying down on public sidewalks in the downtown redevelopment district prohibited. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Most of these laws were made a long time ago with specific people in mind. Enter your e-mail address for things to do, restaurants to try and much more! Posted on by (Repealed) Read More. It’s no secret that laws are made to protect us. Crazy Nevada Laws. However, for every weird law in Nevada, there’s an outlaw who just wants to do something stupid. Related on HuffPost: Top 10 Weird News Stories 2015. Check out the 10 Nevada laws below to understand exactly what I mean. Make sure you register your fire arm with the Las Vegas police before you enter Clark County. Thanks to a 1961 law added to the city code as a publicity stunt, it is illegal to eat fried chicken in “the poultry capital of the world” with anything other than your fingers. In the late 1800’s camels were brought to Nevada and the quickly expanding west to be put to work, similarly to how they were being used around the world. September 24, 2019 | By Shook & Stone | Traffic Laws. NEVADA Dumb State Laws It is illegal to drive a camel on the highway. See Gallery. • In Las Vegas, Nevada: It's against the law to pawn your dentures. Watch yourself when you visit the casino bar in Las Vegas. Camels are too slow While camels were once used as pack animals in Nevada, they were also well protected. But in Nevada, new laws would protect them and their families in those situations, including forbidding foreclosures on their homes during a shutdown, banning car repossessions and more. The good folks over at Olivet Nazarene University put together an infographic of some of the most outrageous, confusing and downright weird legislation instilled around our great nation. • In Las Vegas you can bet on any team--except The University of Nevada at Las Vegas. It is illegal to drive a camel down the highway. If you know of a local business that could use some extra support during these times, please nominate them here: Jennifer is the Alabama staff writer for Only In Your State and has nearly 15 years of professional writing experience. In most states, when police officers try to force these and other crazy laws on people, the decision is appealed due to the lack of relevance that the law has on the situation. If a man asks a woman to go on a date she can not refuse him more. These top ten crazy laws in Nevada, provided by Dumb Laws, will leave you baffled and questioning how they even got passed. Thank you! In the state of Nevada, an individual who has been deemed as a law-abiding citizen at least 10 years - or older– than the individual for adoption; individuals must be of sound mind and moral character are permitted to adopt a child - individuals whom are wed must agree to an adoption in a joint fashion: At least I know where to take my struggling waxing business. In Reno benches may not be placed in the middle of the street. You’re only allowed to bring a concealed gun into the county if it’s registered with the Las Vegas Police Dept. Dumb laws, also called weird laws, strange laws, futile laws, or unnecessary laws, are laws that are perceived to be useless, humorous or obsolete, i.e. First, you have to know what laws to follow in your state. Home; Random Stupid Laws; Popular Stupid Laws; Recent Stupid Laws; Category Archives: Nevada. 10 Odd Nevada Laws: Strange Stipulations in the Silver State. Comment below! 13. Also, victims of sexual assault may request that their convicted attacker be tested for HIV. In Nevada, prohibited consensual activity laws are mostly limited to public lewdness and obscenity. Granted, most are not enforced now, but they’re completely real…and CRAZY! (1) In Elko, everyone walking the streets must wear a mask. Saloonkeepers had to post the names of habitual drunkards if so requested by the local sheriff or members of the imbibers immediate families. It is illegal to conceal a spray-painted shopping cart in your basement. Strange Law 5: In Prince William County, Virginia, it is illegal for a motorist to park their vehicle on a set of railroad tracks. Sorry to disappoint. Some of these laws may When going about your life, you do your best to obey the laws. This law says that the driver of a vehicle who drives on a public street or highway that’s temporarily covered by a rise in water level, and that is barricaded because of flooding, is liable for the expenses of any kind of emergency rescue operation. Nevada Sex toys are outlawed. Search: Show: More States | All Laws | All Verified Laws Only. I’m gonna make a fortune. Some other crazy laws are off the books for good and do not apply apply to state law. There are some pretty weird laws in Nevada, but when it really comes down to it this one is probably the weirdest. It’s still “legal” to hang someone for shooting your dog on your property. • In Nevada sex without a condom is considered illegal. That may seem like common sense, but at one time it was something that was such an issue a law needed to be passed about it. References: Legends Of America, KOAT, Dumb Laws… Now for a few laws that aren’t driving specific: Strange Law 7: Children cannot trick-or-treat on Halloween. It’s illegal to have a brothel within 400 yards of a church or school. The Statutes of Nevada are a compilation of all legislation passed by the Nevada Legislature during a particular Legislative Session. If a Mexican enters the USA illegally it then becomes illegal for him to return to Mexico. Below is a list of real funny, silly, stupid, and dumb laws in nevada. Added by Staff | 2 Comments. But even if you try your best to be a law-abiding citizen, you could be breaking one of Nevada’s weird laws without knowing it. For example, do you have to register your ATV, do you need safety equipment and where can you ride it. It’s Illegal to Measure Shoe Size Using an X-Ray . no longer applicable (in regard to current culture or modern law). Men who wear moustaches are forbidden from kissing women. In Reno, It is unlawful for any person to carry on, conduct or maintain any marathon dancing or marathon walking Source: Code 1966, § 11.12.130. • In Eureka, Nevada men who have mustaches are forbidden from kissing women. Love Nevada? When you buy a new ATV, you can’t always just hit the road right away. We scoured the law books in every state to find the weirdest law that's been passed in each one (some have been repealed, but some are shockingly still on the books). You cannot sell beer in a 2 for 1 deal. Here is a list of 15 odd laws in Colorado. nevada Dumb Laws. These 10 Crazy Laws In Arizona Will Leave You Scratching Your Head In Wonder. The Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) are the current codified laws of the State of Nevada. This law is by far my favorite. It's not the only wackadoodle law that still exists in the States. It’s against the law to pawn your dentures. Animals are the subject of a few of these strange laws in Nevada. Guide to ATV Laws in Nevada. See FindLaw's Sex Crimes section for related information. Saloonkeepers had to post the names of habitual drunkards if so requested by the local sheriff or members of the imbibers immediate families. Nevada law makes it illegal for men to purchase drinks for more than three bar mates in a single day. (3) In Eureka, men who have mustaches are forbidden from kissing women. How strictly this law is enforced, I’ll probably never know, but the strangeness and sexism associated with this law is pretty jarring to say the least. Sec. It is against the law to call any Welsh person “English”. Check it out below, and get your donkey out of the tub! It is illegal to have a bathtub in a private home in Ohio. Nearly 300 new laws passed by the 2019 session of the Nevada Legislature go into effect July 1, ranging from crimes and punishments to education, health care, taxes. 8.12.015. She enjoys discovering new places and currently calls North Alabama home. New Jersey All motorists must honk before passing another car, bicyclist, skater, and even a skateboarder. However, it seems as though these days legislators are trying to control people’s lives a little too much, and some of the laws they make are flat out insane! Strange Law 6: In Virginia Beach, Virginia, it is illegal to drive by the same area within 30 minutes of Atlantic Avenue. New Mexico Persons may not spit on the steps of the opera house. This is the least dumbest law in this entire list. Dumb Laws in New Jersey: It is illegal to wear a bullet-proof vest while committing a murder. (b) Except as otherwise provided in this section, no person shall sit or lie down upon a public sidewalk, or upon a blanket, chair, stool, or any other object placed upon a public sidewalk in the downtown redevelopment district, as […] A number of books and websites purport to list dumb laws. These 10 Crazy Laws in Nevada Will Leave You Shaking Your Head. It is illegal to drive a camel on the highway. Nevada Crazy Law It's still "legal" to hang someone for shooting your dog on your property. Clark County An ordinance makes bringing a concealable fire arm into the county illegal unless it is registered with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life. However, it seems as though these days legislators are trying to control people’s lives a little too much, and some of the laws they make are flat out insane! VIEW ALL LAWS | LAWS BY STATE | ADD A LAW More Dumb Laws | Add a Dumb Law. A man caught beating his wife can be tied to a stake for eight hours a day with a sign that read, “Wife Beater” fastened to his chest. Nevada Dumb Laws. You'll receive your first newsletter soon! You don’t run red lights, you don’t shoplift, and you don’t jaywalk. The "stupid-motorist law" is a law in the U.S. state of Arizona that states that any motorist who becomes stranded after driving around barricades to enter a flooded stretch of roadway may be charged for the cost of their rescue.The law corresponds to section 28-910 of the Arizona Revised Statutes.. You can bet on any sports team except The University of Nevada at Las Vegas. Site Links. It’s no secret that laws are made to protect us. Everyone knows you’re supposed to eat golden fried chicken with your bare hands. There is a good reason for this law though. Staging a marathon dance is illegal, although posting a notice on a fire hydrant about illegal dance marathons is not. You cannot use a goldfish as a prize for Bingo. New York The camels …

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