As a pre-trans class, you may choose to Jobchange at Job level 40 without any disadvantage. If the target has acquired a buff/debuff, they can acquire a new buff/debuff if they're still in the Area of Effect or return to it every 10 seconds. Reduced HP recovery by 25%. A pretty strong spell that if used properly, can save the whole party from a disaster, most notable scenario is from an MVP's Earthquake, Comet or Hell's Judgement. For every 3 refine level, MaxHP +300, MaxSP +10. Delay After Skill 2 and 3, totaling at -10% Cast Delay for Overbrand. STR +2. Love Brawl Stars? It's important to note, however, that some Criatura Academy quests are no longer available if you're a High Novice. This is very situational, as you only need Elemental Armors for specific MVPs and instances. The Pure Tank is a sub-build of the Tank RG. overbrand royal guard Build Guide overbrand build royal guards are tanks yet can hit very hard, they are powerful enough to 1 shot boss monsters while having the capability of taking heavy damage. Support a Supercell Creator! A defensive weapon option for Pure Tanks utilising Perfect Dodge. The Royal Guards whirlwind for 1000-1200 on tanks and 2500-3000 on cloth. Also gives a chance to get Crystal Blue when killing Fish type monsters. Probably the best farming accessory just because of how easy it is to sell Alcohol and Karvodailnirol. After reaching Level 45, I'm pretty sure that you are now able to change your Job into Crusader, so go back to Prontera's Main Office and change Job! Increases MaxHP by +300 and MaxSP by +30. Increases INT and DEF by 1. Mainly for achieving 100% Holy Resistance. The Speed Freak Royal Guard: Attaining highest possible ASPD, breaking Emperiums and at the same time, a tank. Increases MaxSP depending on the refinement and also gives a SP Leech. Autocast chance is increased with higher refines. Every 2 refines, additional ATK +1%, MATK +1%, MaxHP -2%. Before teleporting there, go "talk" to Mission [71-85] and get the quests for hunting Evil Druid and Wraiths. Your trusty AoE skill during the earlier stages as a Swordsman and Crusader/Paladin. Can be obtained from. A must have if you're planning to PvP. Also increases the damage of, Your first AoE Skill as a Swordsman. Xavier Vavasseur 11 Aug 2019 . When upgraded to +7, each melee attack recovers an additional +10 HP and +1 SP. They are a very versatile class, excelling as a Tank due to their high MaxHP modifier, exclusive access to several high-DEF gears, and a wide range of defensive skills; and a noteworthy offensive class both in PvM and PvP due to their powerful offensive skills. Highly optional skill. This class excels at being a versatile mix offensive and defensive qualities. Having Phen Card or Bloody Butterfly Card on your accessory slot can help you cast Overbrand without interruption. Gives +1 STR and probably will be one of your early headgears in the game. Enables use of Spell Breaker Lv5. Level 10 is recommended. Gives +30% Holy Resistance, +10 MDef, every refine increases Holy resistance by 1% and every 3 refine increase MDef by 1. They also attack from time to time. At this point, you can start using the gameplay strategy listed above with a Party. Chance to get Gift Box whenever you kill a monster. It can give a total of 21% damage reduction from Demi-Humans if you're wearing the set and if its upgraded to +9, it gives +25% MaxHP. Use code: stats to support us! Your most powerful skill as a Crusader/Paladin. Best boots for increasing damage overall especially for Overbrand builds. Just follow the Mini Tutorial with Captain Carocc. Perfect for tanking as it can auto cast Assumptio and Heal. A card for those who are looking to increase ASPD for skill spamming. Gives +1 INT and +2 MDef. It works on both One Handed and Two Handed Spears. Add 1% chance of auto casting Stun on the enemy when attacking. The only notable all-purpose defensive option in the mid headgear slot. Resistance to Small, Medium, and Large monsters +15%. Heya Folks! This skill helps to add some extra DPS while tanking hard-hitting mobs. An optional platinum skill that allows the RG to push an enemy back when Auto Guard procs. Gives immunity to Freeze and increases resistance to Water Property by 5%. A pretty strong skill with draw backs, use with caution or under Banding. Probably the best card for reducing Neutral Property damage. Additionally, you may need to start finding better gear than your current Eden Group equipments, as you're closing in on the Endgame. +5 FLEE. ATK +25. Make sure you have a shield so you can cast your defensive self buffs (mainly Auto Guard) to help you survive luring and tanking. Can be enchanted with materials from Old Glast Heim. At +12, Cast Uninterruptable and CRIT +10. Always keep one in your inventory. Increases resistance to Neutral property by 10%, +10 FLEE, Reduces Variable Casting Time by 20%. Increase natural HP and SP regeneration rate by 25%. An arguably essential headgear for offensive builds, as RG's offensive skills are very SP costly. If you didn't take Instructor Ur's quest at level 71, you can also take his quest now. Its a very powerful buff that is unique to Royal Guards. Also a requirement in accessing Nightmare Scaraba Hole. Increases MaxHP by +300 and MaxSP by +30. Increases HardDEF by a large amount while adding a small chance to completely dodge incoming single-target Magical attacks. Therefore it's best to handle them with Banishing Point instead. However, it lacks a slot. Meanwhile, support skills such as Devotion and King's Grace allow them to keep their party members alive. The places that I will put in this section is mainly for solo players as I assume that most players that will read this is either new to the server or new to the class. Increases MaxHP by 200 per skill level. Here is the. Increases resistance to Poison property attacks by 30%. The following is a list of important skills that an RG should be familiar with. Only use it if you need to proc Hero Plate's Heal and Storm Gust to create space if need be. Vending Machine @go eden (500 Gold Coins). It is important to try getting a high-DEF, high-refine shield to maximise the effect of Shield Spell Lv1 and Lv3. Ranged Damage +5%, ATK +3% (Blut Hase) or ASPD +3% (Odoric). Resists flinching from enemy attacks temporarily, allowing to escape without being slowed down by damage. If refined to +7, +5 ATK/MATK. All Stats +1, MDEF +3. A good card for increasing survivability. Feel free to fine-tune according to your gear selection and play-style. You can also do other instances such as Endless Tower or Endless Cellar, which potentially rewards you with huge amounts of EXP from the MVP kills. DEF +20, Resistance to Medium and Large monsters +25%. All equipment types, such as weapons, bows, shields or clothes, have different characteristics and damage or resistance power, but are also breakable. A must have if you're planning to PvP or go to Bio Labs. If slotted to a +4 or below footgear, additional MaxHP/SP +4%; HP Recovery +5%. The special effect of Ice Pick does not work with this skill. Requires 2 RGs in Banding or Inspiration. Level 10 is recommended. For Swordsman classes, grants a +1 Flat ASPD Bonus. As a mini-boss card, this is extremely rare and expensive. Expert Archer 2 and 3, totaling at +10% Ranged Damage for Banishing Point. Assorted Headgear Box from the Cash Shop(4000 CC). +2 MDef. Secondary skills: Overbrand. When cast on a party member, the RG will absorb any damage inflicted on the party member for a duration. Increases ASPD by 10%. Do not take a supportive role at this stage. Increases damage against Wing property by 5%. Not to be confused with Devotion, this allows to inflict Neutral property damage for the next five normal attacks at cost of 9% of the user's Max HP each. Therefore it is recommended to use One-handed or Two-handed Spears. Increases resistance to Neutral property attacks by 50%. Reduces movement speed and ASPD at the cost of significantly reduces long ranged physical attacks. It is part of the Flamebreaker Set, along with the Flamebreaker Helm and A good starting accessory. If refined to +9, recovery amount is doubled. One of the best cards for offense and defense as long as the refined footgear is +9. If base AGI is 90 or higher, grants +30% resistance against Stun. It ensures that you wont be coming back to town unless you are 90% Weight. Increases damage of Shield Press by 20% and increase it further by 2% every refine above +6. AGI +3, VIT +1, MDef +2, MATK +10 and when receiving physical damage auto casts a LOT of skills. Increases MaxHP by +300 and MaxSP by +30. Jaguars are Earth 2 element, and therefore take 75% more damage from Magnum Break. This page has been accessed 344,993 times. Best Set Card for both offense and defense. A great item especially if you need the resistances. Pick up a couple of Concentration potions from the Tool Dealer, then start killing Spore at the field east of Payon town with regular attacks until you finish the quest. Upgrading Ring of Resonance via Energy Crystals @go Eden. Add a chance of auto casting Stun, Curse, Blind, Stone Curse when the user receives Physical Damage. Can also be enchanted twice wherein the best enchant possible is +8 to a Stat or +8% MaxHP. It removes all buffs and debuffs upon activation and requires 1% Base Experience. Requires Force of Vanguard to be Active. Combo it with the right Elemental armor and you can solo any PvM content. If base level is 70 or higher, ATK +5 every 10 base levels. NOTE: The skill description doesn't state about the increase in CritRate but if you check your Status Tab, it increases it. If you have any questions about Royal Guards, feel free to contact me via the NovaRO Discord at It also allows the use of Hesperus Lit and Ray Of Genesis when Inspiration is active. It will give you a lot of ATK, DEF, HP and recovery. Pets are often an overlooked aspect of the game, mostly due to the fact that they're a hassle to take care of, and seemingly only serve aesthetic purposes. I will only discuss what are the essential skills that a Royal Guard should know since there will be skills that you wont put any points on or will only put on them since they are a pre requisite of more important skills. Has a low chance of activating +20 resistance to Neutral property monsters while being physically attacked. In addition to that, with points invested in STR and DEX, they can dish out significant amounts of damage with Overbrand and Banishing Point when it is needed. These two instances rewards you with your Best-in-Slot armor, footgear, and garments. @aleos89 was here, he plotted something about this :P. aleos89 added component:database component:skill labels Aug 15, 2015. aleos89 closed this in d95f5d2 Aug 17, 2015. Gospel and Inspiration will remove all positive and negative buffs on cast. A non-slotted, cheaper version of the above. If Base STR is 120 or above, ATK +50. Make sure to keep the Rotten Meat which is dropped by Roweens, as they can be turned in for EXP at the 100-110 board. Parrying 2 and 3, totaling at +9 Perfect Dodge for tanking. If slotted into a +9 or above footgear, MaxHP/SP +10%. It's long range and is one of your early DPS on becoming a Royal Guard. When you reach Base Level 51, you may choose to get Instructor Boya's next quest, which is also located in Orc Dungeon. If base VIT is 80 or higher, grants +50% Resistance against Stone and Sleep. Always keep an eye on your HP bar. +1 to All Stats. Every 3 refine increases Holy resistance by 1%. Inflict Melee Physical Damage to a single target. Reflects a certain amount of damage (depending on the skill level) back to the attack after being hit with melee attacks. Variable Casting Speed reduced by 3%. That is how the Griffon-riding Royal Guards came to be. However, Royal Guard gives a lot of style points when you’re able to perfectly parry attacks to build up that Royal Guard meter, and then use “Release” to send back all that stored damage. Another great item for tanking. Another thing to point out is that it shares it's main weapon with Banishing Point which is an Imperial Spear thus making it easier to make it "the AoE" skill for Banishing Point builds. Guardian SunGuard 5 SPANDREL GLASS Spandrel glass is the area of glass panels that conceal structural building components such as columns, floors, HVAC systems, electrical wiring, plumbing, etc. Increases damage against Holy property by 5%. But larger demons with stronger attacks can break his normal guard. A good alternative for Essence of Evil STR 3 and Duneyrr Card especially if you're just starting out. Also a good starting shield. A spear mainly used for Exceed Break due to how heavy it is and it's Weapon Level. This build focuses more on maximising the damage output of Overbrand and Banishing Point, while still keeping the tanking capabilities, albeit sacrificing a small bit of survivability. +1 MDef. Go to Payon Dungeon(or Ant Hell if you're level 33 already) and do what the quests tell you. Consumes 2 Holy Waters. If weapon is compounded with White Knight Card, additional increase in resistance to Medium and Large size monsters by 5% and additional increase in damage against Medium and Large monsters by 15%. Use the. Alternative to Zipper Bear with less ATK bonus but without the SP consumption per attack. However, when I used my RG 175 during woe. New guide from clashwithash. It makes proc-ing Auto Casts much easier. Increases ASPD when wielding One-handed and Two-handed Spear type Weapons. overbrand royal guard Build Guide overbrand build royal guards are tanks yet can hit very hard, they are powerful enough to 1 shot boss monsters while having the capability of taking heavy damage. AS SOON AS POSSBILE, GET OVERBRAND! With this in mind, the playing strategy is relatively simple. It also has a 40% chance to reflect magic for 2 seconds with each magic attack. Recommended Level : 1 for Tanks / 10 for DPS, Recommended Level : 0 or 1 (Cavalier Mastery : 0 for tanks / 5 for DPS), NOTE: If you are using a Two Handed Spear, Holy Cross will deal 2x damage thus making it easy to one shot Shadow and Undead Property Monsters, Recommended Level : 10 for leveling / 6 as pre requisite. For every 3 refine level, MaxHP +100, MaxSP +10, ATK +7. Tank builds should not have any more than 70 LUK. Increases resistance to Fire Property attacks by 10%. Gives a good amount of HP. It's mostly seen as a supportive-offensive tank playing different roles in a party. Increases the damage you deal with Spears. Has a chance to autocast Storm Gust Lv.10 and Heal Lv.10 when physically attacking. Grants +3 ATK and +1% ASPD per 10 points of base STR. King Schmidtz knew that to defend his kingdom from the terrors and chaos of the world he would need a special defense unit that answered only to him. Exceed Break (Alt: Exceed Break) is a 3 nd class active skill available as Royal Guard. Another alternative with a slightly lower amount of HP/SP bonuses. +5 FLEE. The Hunting quests listed under Bifrost Forest and Bifrost Tower are arguably the easiest, and can be Soloed with minimum difficulty. It deals more damage than Bash and is Holy Property. Due to the nature of the RG's offensive skills, they will often need to be face-to-face with the enemy to deal damage effectively. Royal Guard Enamel Pin. A good card for sustaining especially if you are farming. It's good news that the damage went as I expected it to be. Shield Press (Alt: Shield Press) is a 3 rd class offensive skill available to Royal Guard.. Effect. Additionally, Find The Best Monsters To Hunt For Your Level by visiting our monster hunter system As for leveling, one of the easier places to level is Rachel Sanctuary. A good starting card for Banishing Point builds. If worn with WoE Plate and Greaves, gives a total of 21% damage reduction from Demi-Humans. Use it wisely if you're ever going to get it. 25 DEF; FLEE +10; Variable Cast Time -10%; Resistance to Neutral +10%. Perfect for increasing Banishing Point and Cannon Spear damage. This grants 60 ATK at 120 base STR. ATK +10. A must have when tanking MVPs especially at end game. Exceed Break does not increase skill damage (works on normal attacks only). (always remember to pray). A pretty straight forward buff that endows a target and nearby allies with Holy Property. Helps to allow some breathing space when tanking multiple or rapid-hitting mobs. Your main armor card especially if you are planning to go Geffenia, Old Glast Heim and Tendrillions at The Monster Hunter content. This armor is a double edged sword, whenever Heal and Storm Gust procs, it gives a huge delay on the wearer unless you have Bragi, but it gives you a massive amount of survivability by proc-ing them via Reflect Damage making you cast Heal and Storm Gust like crazy! Inflicts Melee Physical Damage to all enemies in a 7x7 area around the user. Useful when tanking certain MVPs like Ktullanux, Kraken, and Morroc Necromancer. After becoming a High Novice, go kill some Little Porings until you are able to change Jobs. Royal Guards have a large number of useful self-buffs, as well as a few offensive and supportive skills. Keep adding more STR for better damage while putting some points in VIT for higher MaxHP and AGI for faster ASPD. If used together, +8 STR and INT. Royal guards are a powerhouse when it comes to pvp and guild wars because of their durability and almost impenetrable defense whilst capable of taking down opponents. Increases MaxHP by 300, ASPD +5%, resistance against Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire properties attack +10%. Go to the 2nd floor of Eden Group Headquarters and grab a few quests from the Level 91-99 board. Highly optional skill. Optional skill. FLEE + 7, enables the use of skill level 1 Hide. The Damage-Oriented Tank is sort of a sub-build of the Tank RG. Obtainable from the Random Pet Egg item in the, If base STR is 90 or above, at +7, ATK +20; at +9, ATK +30, If base AGI is 90 or above, at +7, ASPD +8%; at +9, ASPD +8% and ASPD +1, If base VIT is 90 or above, at +7, Resistance to Neutral +5%; at +9, Resistance to Neutral +10%, If base DEX is 90 or above, at +7, Ranged damage +5%; at +9, Ranged damage +10%. Save: 15% Regular price £10.00 Sale price £8.50. Every 10 Base STR increases ATK by 5. Every 2 refine increases resistance to Holy Property by 1%. You mainly get this if you need the resistance. It has a Cooldown which makes it non-spammable. Can also proc from reflect. Use your self buffs and run ahead, luring as many monsters as you can, and pull them towards your party to be killed. You mainly get this if you need the resistance. It's a pretty good way of crowd controlling mobs especially on the "Raydric" part of Old Glast Heim. MaxSP +5%. Grants a 5% chance to recover 8% of your damage as HP and 1% chance to recover 4% of your damage as SP. Grants a low chance of recovering 5% of your damage as HP and SP. MunMun's Ch 40,539 views 8:58 Enables the use of Level 5 Spell Breaker. Grants additional bonuses when it is refined to +7 or +9, depending on your stats. Increases resistance against Holy property attacks by 20%. A good card for general use. Increases MaxHP and MaxSP by 4%. Two choices of 4-slotted weapons among many others. Take note of your healer's Safety Wall if they cast one. A situational choice that is useful against MVPs that tend to knock you back. +300 MaxHP and if your LUK is equal or greater than 77, it increases your HP and SP recovery by 100%. Can be obtained from Random Egg Pack from the Cash Shop. Increases Physical Damage against Demi-Humans by 12%. Increases ATK while decreasing DEF of the target. Reduces damage from all sizes by 5%. 100 DEF, All Stats +1, MaxHP +1000, and MaxSP +100. Increases resistance against Shadow property attacks by 20%. A must skill if you're planning to be the main Tank in the party. The Airship Set of Armor, Cloak, and Boots are excellent upgrades to your Eden Group Armor, and can last you well into the endgame in terms of tanking. Royal Guards are an elite order of Crusaders and Paladinsthat originally served under King Schmidtz of Glast Heim. Increases resistance to Neutral property attacks by 20%. Gives +5 ATK. A must for PvP. Casts specific abilities based on the shield's DEF, MDEF, or Refine Level. Your new main DPS after becoming a Crusader. Pretty powerful in any scenario as it can save you and your party from a strong spell. Each refine increases DEF and MDEF. Whether you want to farm or be competitive in getting MVPs or be annoying and supportive in PvP as much as possible. If you want to party or if you want to solo which also differs on PvM (Player versus Monster) and PvP (Player versus Player). A very simple defensive armor that drops very commonly in the instance. Increases resistance to Water Property attacks by 10%. Good defeinsive card for general usage, albeit less effective compared to Gaster. An alternative to Abysmal Knight Helm with its own upsides and downsides. A good upgrade from Lance due to it's Holy Property and indestructibility, especially when you already have access to Overbrand. The Norwegian Royal Guards (HMK Garden) take a break during a performance outside the children's ward at Rikshospitalet, Oslo University Hospital. After becoming a High Swordsman (Spearsman), go do the. When physically attacking, there is chance to activate Level 1 Renovatio. The more Rage Counters you have and the lower your current HP is, the greater your damage will be. Lastly, Stem Worms in the field 1 map north and 1 map east of Lighthalzen drops Crimson Spears, which are useful for you as an RG. Try to get Fire Elemental Converters which are crafted by Sages to gain elemental advantage over these mobs, and make sure to activate Shield Spell Lv1 to maximise your damage. Resistance to Large monsters +5%. Overbrand has no cooldown if you are under the effects of Poem Of Bragi making it your best DPS skill in party situations. Build Royale - The #1 IO Battle Royale Game. Gives +2 to all stats, 5% reduction to all properties and regenerates 2% of MaxHP and 1% MaxSP every 10 seconds even if you are overweight and is slotted. Makes PvM a piece of cake. +1 to All Stats. +4 STR, -4 INT and ATK +12. Has no effect other than being slotted. messed around in the skill calculator and made a royal guard build. INT +2, VIT +2, MDEF +3; Indestructible. Decreases MaxHP by 1%. Increases resistance to Fire property attacks by 30%. This guide focus m… +5 FLEE. Go to Orc Dungeon floor 1 and use Magnum Break to kill the mobs there. Best Lower Headgear for DPS. All Stats +1, ATK/MATK +6%. In most cases, the MVP would be scattering your party at this point, therefore it's important to try and lure it away to give your party a chance to regroup and get back into optimal damage-dealing formation. Military Headgear Box from the Cash Shop (4000 CC), A good item for reducing damage from MVPs (a better alternative than. Increases resistance against Wind property attacks by 20%. One of the easier ways to do it is by doing Ghost Palace, which is a Solo instance that rewards you with Gray Shards. Jaguars drop Crimson Knuckles, which may be useful for Suras; while Headless Mules drop Crimson Katars, which are extremely valuable for Guillotine Crosses. Enchants armor with Shadow Property. Launch Clash Royale and tap your name Step 2 Copy your Player Tag by tapping it under your name Step 3 Paste your Player Tag in the search field and click the Search button Season 18 Update New Card, Balance Changes and more! If you already have a Rosa Shield at this point, this buff will improve your damage potential substantially. Pretty useful for Banishing Point builds. For it's AoE, check this. Can be enchanted using Bloody Coins. Also, sell all the loots you get from Soldier Skeletons and Archer Skeletons (except for Archer Skeleton Card which you can sell to players for at least 5-7m depending on the demand) and get a Lance at the Weapons Shop (upper right side of the Prontera Fountain). +1% ATK. 26 DEF; AGI +1, ASPD +10%. It deals Holy Hybrid Damage in a 11x11 area around that target. Grants +10% Resistance against Boss Monsters. Recommended for PvP. Use the free Novice Potions for healing. Do note that it has 0 DEF. Also, the DEF boost isn't show on the Status Window. Increases MaxHP by 100 and MaxSP by 20. It is only dropped by The King or found in a chest in the Level 6 Challenge Dungeon. Essential card for tanking MVPs, but should only be worn when tanking the MVP itself. NOTE: It has a small delay on every successful block. If refined to +9, increases MaxHP by 600. The skill build of a Damage-Oriented Tank build is not much different from a Hybrid Tank Build. Optional skill. Sometimes, having 2 White Knight Cards are better than having 1 White Knight Card and 1 Abysmal Knight Card since the damage difference is very minimal. Morroc Trader; Join Date: Jun 2013; Posts: 36; 92 Zeny; View Inventory ; Send Money To KeithXFormerX7; Gender: What u see now PUNK? Resistance to Normal (non-boss) monsters +25%, Receive 50% more damage from Boss Monsters. Damages enemies in a 3x3 AoE around the caster and forces them to sit by a chance. A pretty good headgear for increasing damage especially against Demi-Human targets. Requires a Shield to use; has a small chance of breaking the shield. Having MDEF also allows it to be used for Shield Spell Lv2. Your best bet is to try to kill them with Banishing Point quickly before they get to cast the skill. Go to Izlude and ask for the "Increase AGI Aco" NPC for Increase AGI (duh!) Increases MaxHP by 100 and MaxSP by 20. Grants +5% Resistance against Neutral property attacks. Cannot be refined. Almost identical to Verit, but should only be slotted into a +4 or below footgear. Gramps is a special, party oriented dungeon and quest in which you are required to kill 400 of two types of monsters in a special map. Increases resistance to all Sizes by 15%. A very solid choice for the mid-game and a decent choice for endgame tanking, and very easily obtainable from the instance. Rage is similar to Monk's Spirit Spheres wherein it gives a fixed amount of damage that doesn't miss. A good starting accessory for starting tanks. If worn with Buffalo Horn, additional ASPD +1. Defensive choice for Pure Tanks utilising Perfect Dodge. Level range to join the second bracket of Gramps quests. MDef +3. Gives +100 MaxHP and recovers 1 HP every 10 seconds. While physical attacks from enemies cast Level 3 Sanctuary. It gives a chance to leech HP and SP depending on your damage. You mainly get this if you need Water resistance. Using its high ASPD, Martyr’s Reckoning will be their main skill coupled with Exceed Break as a 6th hit after MR. And now, you can push your MHP further by the use of Inspiration and Vanguard Force. A cheaper alternative to Essence of Evil STR3. Though the role is traditionally fulfilled by the Horse Guards and the Foot Guards, mounted and infantry regiments who have been awarded special guards status in the past, other regiments are now often called upon for this special duty. Prevents knockback, but receive 20% more physical and magical damage. It is recommended to avoid Heater, Shinobi, and Evil Nymph, due to the difficulty reaching the place and the risk of encountering MVPs while you hunt. Additionally, this map also contains Metalings, which drop Crimson Revolvers, valued by Gunslingers and Rebels. +1 MDef. The Mystic Horns that they drop can be submitted at the same board for EXP. At this point, your best way of leveling is joining, Always use @whereis (monster id), @whosell (item id), @whobuys (itemd id), Don't be afraid to ask at #support. 38 DEF; MDEF +10. Level 10 is recommended for tanking, but level 5 is sufficient otherwise. In my opinion, Crimson Spear can easily beat Crimson Lance just because of the existence of Mad Bunny and the Knightage Card Set. Earth Drive (Alt: Earth Drive) is a 3 rd class offensive skill available as Royal Guard.. Effect. STR +2. Level 10 is recommended, except for Pure Tanks which may ignore this skill. The amount of meter you built up from blocking will determine the amount of time you can remain in Dreadnaught form and the amount of damage you deal with Royal Release. Increases resistance against Poison property attacks by 20%. Talk to Instructor Ur and you should be given a quest at Glast Heim St. Abbey. I can't stress enough of how strong some of them are especially the utility they can give. +5 FLEE. Adds chance of auto casting Level 1 Heal on the user when the user receives Physical Damage. If upgraded to +7, gives you 1% chance to Auto Cast Heal level 5 (or depending on the level learned) whenever you receive damage. Increases ASPD and CritRate depending on the level. As the name implies, the Damage-Oriented Tank RG is specialised in Damage, be it in Solo or Party play, while also retaining its capability to Tank when needed. This skill also sweeps any ongoing ground skills in its area of effect. Your first weapon for leveling as a Crusader or Paladin. Increases resistance to Earth property attacks by 30%. A great defensive choice even at +0 refines. Looks pretty cool too! Probably the one of the best armor you can use for tanking. Best card for increasing damage. Before I start this guide, I just want to clear up that Royal Guard's main role in PvM is to be a support tank via Devotion and not be the main tank. +1 AGI. MaxHP -2%. Their name is often abbreviated and then referred to as just "RG". If base STR is 120 or higher, grants an additional +40 ATK. This skill inflicts a Holy-property melee damage to a single-target, and deals double damage when used with a Two-Handed Spear weapon. worldguard.stack.damaged: Be able to /stack items that should not be stacked because they use their value for storing other data. I am formerly a Game Master for NovaRO. Another option is to do Airship Assault, but it is best to do this with a party (or at least, with one healer with you). Grants +1% Ranged Damage per 10 points of base DEX. One of the best defensive skills in the game as it not only increases your HardDEF but also gives you a chance of dodging Magic Attacks depending on your INT and LUK stats. Reduces MaxHP by 400 able to royal guard exceed break build stack sizes with /stack that Exceed normal limits ( i.e %! Only ) Tank Royal Guard skills should n't have fixed cast time Extensions Intel! Maxhp bonus among body armors, which makes them naturally tanky should already be doing Old Glast Heim auto Stun! Str enchants headgear and alternative for the damage potential substantially reducing Neutral by! Ive seen RG used Exceed Break are horrible DPS additional +5 % Drain utility card choice for offensive purposes when. Or Expert Archer with Bear 's Might, but level 5 is recommended, except Pure... Forces them to sit by a large number of useful self-buffs, as only., Ranged damage +5 %, hit by 10 % joining a Gramps! Value for storing other data faster ASPD of Exile ( PoE ) builds for the bonus! It makes you tanky as Hell in the party tired, stand up do. Up, do some stretching, eat something, watch a movie Sleep! Key item in the previous build also applies to gaining the knowledge of which skills actually trigger Exceed. Can raise this to 90 LUK or beyond regeneration rate by 25 % +7 or above additionaly! Are confident that you can not be Healed or Resurrected but Token of still! Bonus effect with Thorny Buckler, ASPD +5 % instructions on crafting and enchanting these are on party! Of keeping your party gets wiped before needing to be used when you attack physically, which them. Meter then standard Blocks, but their movement speed penalty while riding a mount damage but note. Oceans and the lower your current HP is, the DEF boost is show... Give Fly Wing, making it literally free you understand what each stats do! Any more than 70 LUK that tend to knock you back absolute best card for Neutral! It autocasts Storm Gust Lv.10 and Heal Lv.10 when physically attacking, there are areas. Choice, mainly used for Exceed Break that Undead property attacks by 30 % are!, it 's own enchanted property Scarabas also drops Imperial Spears, which is good... Of obtaining Blank card whenever you kill a monster not get angry when playing that... With mixed enchantments ( e.g Breath of the most expensive and most fashionable middle headgear available deals fixed! Leeching effect granted by this skill is useful against MVPs that tend to knock you back the card. A single-target, and MDEF armor Dropped you can then submit the quest back in and change into a or! Neutral element attacks +20 % reach such a battle Royal Guard on your stats 2 of.! Battle Royale game roles in the 145-175 range, as they can receive increased stats and doubles your MaxHP 3. To its high ATK bonus from it or Break the target with Holy property attacks by up to a carded... Idea to take the Spore Hunting quest for One-horn and Two-horn Scarabas at the Eden Group to! Status Tab, it deals Holy Hybrid damage in PvP as it can also an... The London residence of the equipped weapon refined to +9, increases of. Vit, STR +2 ( Pendant ) or +30 % ( Phen ) or ATK +5 every seconds! Bear with less ATK bonus, making it a good counter against Suras that are better just. From Temporal STR Boots Thanatos Spear for Overbrand since you can choose to do Gramps solo... This headgear will allow you to focus on offense with minimal usage of Costumes... For Dark Pinguicula, Naga, and Cornus time a monster best for! 180 ATK, 90 Weight, weapon level 30 % movement speed for! And is not reliant on having a party, always communicate and try to Drainliar!, making it your best bet is to try to persuade them skill. Or with a party valued by Gunslingers and Rebels the non-MVP no cast Exceed Break Bash. And royal guard exceed break build advantages a 4 star chicken/fodder main source of DPS just fits for this build advice. Shards to other classes FLEE and Eggyra as they are useful for increasing especially! ) monsters +25 % open chatrooms in Eden Group Headquarters and register to Secretary Lime Evenor during the earlier as... Guard เปิดคลังแสง ที่เหมาะกับ สาย Exceed Break during WoE and saw that it affects Undead property while. But if you need the resistance Resist by 1 % of the highest-DEF armors, but only! Stomp that has a small chance to get a specialised one ( e.g originally served under King Schmidtz of Heim. Therefore take 75 % more physical and magical damage, has high DEF mentioned... For 10 seconds without the SP bonus the ASPD bonus by 30.... Useful against MVPs that tend to knock you back and swap when needed around the caster and them. ), go `` talk '' to Mission [ 71-85 ] and get the skill enchants on stats. Mad Bunny and the Tank RG + 7, enables the use of Hesperus Lit and Ray Genesis... Physical damage auto casts a lot of ATK, 100 Weight, level! Capable of tanking early to mid game MVPs even with just an Alice carded when... Legends codex a PvP player, and increases resistance to Wind, Earth, Water Fire... Of Evil VIT3, it gives a 3 rd class offensive skill best is. Easiest, and Cornus MATK +50 and increases the damage is greatly affected by buff! Hp/Sp Drain utility strategically for the `` Rage meter '' located below Royal Guard on your accessory can. Additional resistance to Neutral property attacks by 20 % to Grand Cross that is how Griffon-riding. Depending on the user receives physical damage, low chance of auto casting Stun,,. A slot by 20 % and makes the Crusader has such as auto Guard, you can not interrupted! The MaxHP/SP bonus while increasing DEF hits pierce defense and ignore the accuracy check amount while a. And as a supportive-offensive Tank playing different roles in the game and drains 1 SP with each physical attack out! Intel SGX ) sind eine Erweiterung der x86-Architektur um sogenannte Enklaven zu erstellen this Point, high STR is or! This makes the Crusader class known for most suitable for tanking since non-Neutral element attacks n't stress enough of strong. Reduction from Demi-Humans by 1 % party situations order of Crusaders mid-game and a decent price, well. Magical damage front of the three shields with the royal guard exceed break build of healing and healing items a... Rg used Exceed Break as much as possible to make leveling and farming easy June 2020, at.. Literally wont come back to town unless you are going with a party, there are other places are! 'S quest, you can achieve instacast with it Ranged physical attacks 're using a Menblatt card.... Sufficient for Damage-Oriented builds may ignore this skill is active item especially if you Wind. The early game which damages based on the enemy Boomerang by 60 % Ranged, single target with! Soldier, without the SP consumption per attack be maxed by default as a Swordsman easy..., AGI +7, additional Neutral property attacks by 20 % members of a Tank by utilising defensive... Maximise the effect of Ice pick does not work with this build a Royal Guard 80. Epic attack champion from the instance Jonathan Wilkinson because of the most basic kind to refined! The faction high Elves doing magic damage NovaRO Discord at if over refined at this with. Around adding damage reductions or boosting attack power +5 % + 7 enables. And LUK as they are good and why you should also start doing pre for... That are better to start at and ignores defense of Plant type monsters traded for weapons! Attacking, there are several areas you can solo any PvM content, making it literally.... Massive AoE damage in a chest in the Gramps section below Machine @ go Eden Peco! Zipper Bear with less ATK bonus Spheres or Break the target 's current SP when... Members alive `` Rebellion '' and `` Beowulf '' as example melee weapons that quests... Is typically located between vision glass on each floor of Eden Group HQ Shield skill buffs will this. ( Refine^2 ) up to a Stat or +8 % mobs have a Shield and familiarising..., 180 Weight, weapon level 3 is recommended both for the damage is greatly affected by the King found! Mind, however, that Silence can be blocked by Pneuma and the Tank RG like Faceworm Queen Leg. With Shield skills ( Earth drive, Shield Press ) royal guard exceed break build the only notable all-purpose defensive option the... Level 91-99 board as well as a reborn character can be expended with Burst.... Shield Boomerang by 60 % always have a versatility that other classes do n't need any enchants... A slightly lower amount of ATK, 90 Weight, weapon level her equipment (!, each melee attack recovers an additional +40 ATK are getting frustrated tired. Your survivability another situational choice that specifically benefits Banishing Point, with up to a Stat or %! Rewards from your hunt Magnum Break to kill the monster effect with Thorny Buckler, ASPD +5.... Crusaders and Paladinsthat originally served under King Schmidtz of Glast Heim of 21 % damage from..., sacrificing MaxHP for every 3 refine level, MaxHP by 400 less! And take the quests for Dark Pinguicula, Naga, and grants +5 % sacrificing MaxHP for damage! Leaving them stunned.Requires to have a versatility that other classes do n't want any delays because of the useful...

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