The harbour of Port Blair is well supplied with buoys and harbour lights, and is crossed by ferries at fixed intervals, while there are several launches for hauling local traffic. On Rennes Island in the fjord, over against the town, there is a Cheviot sheep-breeding farm under government auspices. The duchy of Savoy in his days became a kingdom, and Sardinia, though it seemed a poor exchange for Sicily, was a far less perilous possession than the larger and wealthier island would have been. Unst is the most northerly island in the British Isles. The island is shaped like a fish or a carving knife. In 1772 the French explorer Yves Kerguelen de Tremarec had discovered the land that bears his name in the South Indian Ocean without recognizing it to be an island, and naturally believed it to be part of the southern continent. It consists of an island named Abbadan, about 45 m. These two conquests, wrought in the great island of the Ocean and in the great island of the Mediterranean, were the main works of the Normans after they had fully put on the character of a Christian and French-speaking people, in other words, after they had changed from Northmen into Normans. The highest point of an elevation is termed a " height," if it does not form an island or one of the minor forms. Santarosa was killed, apparently because he was too miserable and desperate to care to save his life, when the Egyptian troops attacked the island of Sphacteria, near Navarino, on the 8th of May 1825. On an island in its bed stood Artaxata, the capital of Armenia from 180 B.C. After this the island began to furnish con siderable supplies of corn; it was treated as a conquered country, not containing a single free city, and the inhabitants were obliged to pay a tithe in corn and a further money contribution. The island of Terschelling once formed a separate lordship, but was sold to the states of Holland. The nomadic system prevails in the island. In 1622 he took the island of Ormuz from the Portuguese, by the assistance of the British, and much of its trade was diverted to the town of Bander-Abbasi, which was named after the shah. After the conquest a large part of the inhabitants embraced Mahommedanism, and thus secured to themselves the chief share in the administration of the island. The island is of great fertility - wheat, oats, barley, olives, sesame and valonia being the principal products, in addition to a variety of fruits. It does not appear Rudman is responsible for Amy Lou Lewis, who remains missing from her Cranston, Rhode Island home since last week. After an outcry, her sentence was reduced to two months on Tuesday. You could ask Arthur yourself if he were here, but he's out on Fire Island with his latest bimboy and all their little friends. To the south of Terranova there is no harbour of any importance on the east coast (the Gulf of Orosei being exposed to the E., and shut in by a precipitous coast) until Tortoli is reached, and beyond that to the Capo Carbonara at the south-east extremity, and again along the south coast, there is no harbour before Cagliari, the most important on the island. The people are generally courteous and kindly, the island being still comparatively rarely visited by foreigners, while Italians seem to regard it as almost a place of exile. Elba was famous for its mines in early times, and the smelting furnaces gave it its Greek name of A' OaNia ("soot island"). Thus we find that after the failure of Musat members of the family of Lacon-Unali filled all the four judicatures of the island (Taramelli, Arch. 6. (Paris, 1875-1884), are enumerated 238 species as belonging to the island, of which 129 are peculiar to it, and among those are no fewer than 35 peculiar genera. The dialects differ very much in different parts of the island, so that those who speak one often cannot understand those who speak another, and use Italian as the medium of communication. island. And the circumstances of his conquest were such that the true Normans among his following could not possibly lose themselves among the existing inhabitants of the island, while everything tended to make them lose themselves among their fellow-adventurers of other races, among whom, by the time the conquest was ended, they could hardly have been even a dominant element. Up to 1871 the island of Sicily was, according to the bull of Urban II., ecclesiastically dependent on the king, and exempt from the canonical power of the pope. Nine of these Puritan Presbyterian churches were established on Long Island between 1640 and 1670 - one at Southampton and one at Southold (originally of the Congregational type) in 1640, one at Hempstead about 1644, one at Jamaica in 1662, and churches at Newtown and Setauket in the next half century; and three Puritan Presbyterian churches were established in Westchester county, New York, between 1677 and 1685. Sentence Island 259 of practice with paragraphs or essays will matter if students cannot write sentences. In the original island territory of Venice there could be no such thing as landed property. They left Callao on the 21st of December 1605, and in the following year discovered the island now known as Espiritu Santo, one of the New Hebrides group, which De Quiros, under the impression that it was indeed the land of which he was in search, named La Austrialia del Espiritu Santo. A U.S. teen jailed in the Cayman Islands for violating COVID-19 restrictions will only serve two months behind bars, her lawyer said Tuesday. Rhyn was alone on the island sanctuary in his dreams and awoke to the feeling that his magic had slipped even more from its binding. To the alleged insanity of the Swedes, Balashev wished to reply that when Russia is on her side Sweden is practically an island: but Napoleon gave an angry exclamation to drown his voice. On the small island of Konike, which lies about the centre of the estuary, scanty remains of a Portuguese fort have been discovered. Beechey's nomenclature, it may be added that he called a large bay on the south of Peel Island Fitton Bay, and a bay on the south-west of Buckland Island Walker Bay. A naked, unconscious woman lay atop the island in the center with five men with red eyes chewing on various parts of her body, one on each leg, one on each arm, and one at her neck. by the forced exchange of Sicily for the island of Sardinia. Though crusades had not yet been preached, the strife with the Mussulman at once brought in the crusading element; to the Christian people of the island they were in many cases real deliverers; still, the actual process by which Sicily was won was not so very different from that by which Apulia had been won. The nearest island to the South American coast lies 580 m. some 300 inhabitants living in low thatched or iron-roofed huts, under the supervision of a police commissioner and other officials of Ecuador, by which country the group was annexed in 183 2, when General Villamil founded Floreana on Charles Island, naming it in honour of Juan Jose Flores, president of Ecuador. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . A college student from Georiga's jail sentence was reduced from four months to two months on Tuesday in the Cayman Islands after she and her boyfriend violated strict COVID-19 … A good place to take one's leave from Hawaii is the northernmost island of Kauai and its spectacular Hanalei Bay. The Allies defeated Napoleon, entered Paris, forced Napoleon to abdicate, and sent him to the island of Elba, not depriving him of the title of Emperor and showing him every respect, though five years before and one year later they all regarded him as an outlaw and a brigand. We shall put you ashore on the first island that we see. He swam to an island that was not far away. In the south-western portion of the island are several private railways belonging to various mining companies, of which the lines from Monteponi to Portoscuso, and from S. Communication is thus most wanted with the northern and south-eastern extremities of the island, and between Tortoli and Nuoro, and Nuoro and Golfo degli Aranci. Examples of island in a Sentence Noun He lives on an island in the Caribbean. Looking for sentences and phrases with the word island? the 11th of March 1870 an Italian shipper, Signor Rubattino, had bought the bay of Assab, with the neighboring island of Darmakieh, from Beheran, sultan of Raheita, for 1880, the funds being furnished by the government. 20), a long-billed, flightless rail, practically the same as Erythromachus of Rodriguez and Diaphorapteryx of Chatham Island. Quiros's La Dezana, Wallis's Osnaburg Island, Bougainville's Boudoir and Pic de la Boudeuse and Spanish Cristoval), the most eastern and southern of the archipelago. The ceremony of hoisting a flag and taking possession of the country in the name of the government of the Netherlands was actually performed, but the description of the wildness of the country, and of the fabulous giants by which Tasman's sailors believed it to be inhabited, deterred the Dutch from occupying the island, and by the international principle of " non-user " it passed from their hands. Lomonosov, Mikhail Vasilievich (1711-1765), Russian poet and man of science, was born in the year 1711, in the village of Denisovka (the name of which was afterwards changed in honour of the poet), situated on an island not far from Kholmogori, in the government of Archangel. In 1503 a French navigator named Binot Paulmyer, sieur de Gonneville, was blown out of his course, and landed on a large island, which was claimed to be the great southern land of tradition, although Flinders and other authorities are inclined to think that it must have been Madagascar. But a romantic interest attaches to the wreck of the " Wager," one of Anson's fleet, on a desert island near Chiloe, for it bore fruit in the charming narrative of Captain John Byron, which will endure for all time. SVENDBORG, a seaport of Denmark, capital of the amt (county) of its name, on the south shore of the island of Fiinen. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. When the island passed to Savoy, in 1720, the mines passed to the state. It was a small island, and there was no one living on it. This small island serves as a quarantine station. - Australia is politically divided into five states, which with the island of Tasmania form the Commonwealth of Australia. Venice was allowed to retain possession of Grabusa, Suda and Spinalonga on the north, but in 1718 these three strongholds reverted to the Turks, and the island was finally lost to Venice. Wallis discovered Tahiti on the 19th of June 1767, and he gave a detailed account of that island. Continent. Wolves also are not found in the island, though common in Greece and Asia Minor. It seems that about 340 the island was conquered for the Persian king by his Rhodian admiral Mentor; in 332 it submitted to Alexander the Great. 220. In the centre is the smaller, almost detached mass of Psiloriti (`TI,GtXopaTtov, ancient Ida), culminating in Stavros (8193 ft.), the highest summit in the island. CARIGARA, a town of the province of Leyte, island of Leyte, Philippine Islands, on Carigara Bay, 22 m. There were pigs and goats on the island, and plenty of fish could be caught from the shore. "If I ever have the good fortune to escape from this island," he said, "I will be kind and obliging to every one. Resuming his voyage in an easterly direction, Tasman sighted the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand on the 13th of December of the same year, and describes the coast-line as consisting of " high mountainous country.". The trees and jungle beyond were decimated by chasms and fallen trees. Thesaurus: … Their small island was untouched. The final court is the island synod, which consists of the archbishop, his suffragans and four dignified priests. 2) We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. Oh, I'm guest lecturing at Rhode Island School of Design. The population was at that time a little over 300,000; public security and education were alike lacking, and there were considerable animosities between different parts of the island. The city lies on the west side of the low island of Manzanillo, is bordered on the landward sides by swamp, and consists mainly of unimposing frame houses and small shops. Its bed is now broad, studded with islands and enclosed by high banks. in 1309, made several raids into the island, which suffered much material injury. The Maoris are Polynesians, and, in common with the majority of their kinsfolk throughout the Pacific, they have traditions which point to Savaii, originally Savaiki, the largest island of the Samoan group, as their cradleland. In January 1535 he entered the river Plate, where he followed the northern shore to the island of San Gabriel, and then crossing over he landed by a little stream, still called Riachuelo. Meanwhile, in Island Park, Jose Rodriguez was beside himself. The archaeological interest of Aegina is centred in the well-known temple on the ridge near the northern corner of the island. She tested again after arrival and the test again returned negative. In the south-west portion of Sardinia the island of S. Antioco, joined by a narrow isthmus and a group of bridges to the mainland, forms a good natural harbour to the south of the isthmus, the Golfo di Palmas; while the north portion of the peninsula, with the island of S. Both to the east and to the west of this depression the Archean and Palaeozoic rocks which form the greater part of the island are strongly folded, with the exception of the uppermost beds, which belong to the Permian system. On his first voyage, in 1770, Cook had some grounds for the belief that Van Diemen's Land, as Tasmania was then called, was a separate island. The Uruguay is navigable all the year by steamers from the island From Strasburger's Lehrbuch der Botanik, by permission of Gustav Fischer. There's something about the island magic that can make even a pancake house romantic if the view is nice. Rhyn awoke from the island dreamscape in the shadow world. Horrified, she saw the chasm form a rough circle around them, trapping them on a small island surrounded by football field wide trees and chasms too wide to jump. Would've wiped out the island by now and half of Cuba without realizing he'd done so. Sentence Island book. 15) The growth of tourism brought prosperity to the, 18) Ferries ply across a narrow strait to the, 30) Sugar has always been an important crop on the, 8) Ferries ply across a narrow strait to the, 16) Sugar has always been an important crop on the, 18) Although officially a dependent territory the, 19) They had received no news of him since his departure from the, 20) Under the rule of Britain, the prosperity of the, 23) What would you miss most if you found yourself marooned on a desert, 24) This British author has chosen to live in relative anonymity on a Pacific, 29) Talks are being held about who should have sovereignty over the. The characteristic point of Norman rule in Sicily is that it is the rule of princes who were foreign to all the inhabitants of the island, but who were not more foreign to the inhabitants of the island than different classes of them were to one another. of Rutland Island across Duncan Passage, in which lie the Cinque and other islands, forming Manners Strait, the main commercial highway between the Andamans and the Madras coast. After touching at Concepcion in Chile and at Easter Island, La Perouse proceeded to Hawaii and thence to the coast of California, of which he has given a very interesting account. On the 1st of March the Dutch fleet sighted the island of Juan Fernandez; and, having crossed the Pacific, the explorers sailed along the north coast of New Guinea and arrived at the Moluccas on the 17th of September 1616. The discovery of the insularity of Greenland might again give rise to the argument as to the distinction between island and continent. In spite of almost insuperable difficulties the colony took root, trade began, the fleet lay in wait for the Spanish treasure ships, the settlements of the Spaniards were raided, and their repeated attempts to retake the island were successfully resisted. In 1164 Barisone, giudice of Arborea, was given the title of king of the whole island by Frederick Barbarossa, but his supremacy was never effective. There were, therefore, two principal epochs of folding in the island, one at the close of the Palaeozoic era which affected the whole of the island, and one at the close of the Mesozoic which was felt only in the western region. See all reviews. ITALY (Italia), the name1 applied both in ancient and in modern times to the great peninsula that projects from the mass of central Europe far to the south into the Mediterranean Sea, where the island of Sicily may be considered as a continuation of he continental promontory. I can hardly wait patiently for the time to come when I shall see my dear English friends, and their beautiful island home. CK 1 1486893 Tom walked around the island. See more. The island is diversified in its surface, and is traversed from north to south by an elevated mountain range, the highest point of which is called Atairo (anc. The prosperity of the island depends on the development of agriculture, the acquirement of industrious habits by the people, and the abandonment of political agitation. Captain Peter Dillon at length ascertained, in 1828, that the ships of La Perouse had been wrecked on the island of Vanikoro during a hurricane. the vast Pacific which he crossed without sighting any of its innumerable island groups. But there are also species, though not Passerine, which are absolutely identical with those of Britain, the barn owl, common quail, pigmy rail, and little grebe or dabchick, all of them common and apparently resident in the island. Skylar Mack, 18, was sentenced to four months in prison for violating coronavirus restrictions in the Cayman Islands. Unwilling to get stuck in the cell where he'd spent many lifetimes, he chose to open the portal into the office of the Council's betrayer, Sasha. "The island of Madagascar," she said, "Ma-da-gas-car," she repeated, articulating each syllable distinctly, and, not replying to Madame Schoss who asked her what she was saying, she went out of the room. The trees and jungle beyond were decimated by chasms and fallen trees. Zea or Tzia), an island in the Aegean Sea, belonging to the group of the Cyclades and the eparchy of Syra, 14 m. There were formerly four towns of some importance in the island: - Iulis, about 3 m. The present population of the island is about 4000, of which the capital has about 2000. at Spalato and on the island of Lesina) has been shown by modern archaeologists to belong to the Roman period. (1906) 37,736; including suburbs, 82,101. by Cicero's speech (of which a part only is preserved) in defence of M. Tiberius sent 4000 Jewish and Egyptian freedmen to the island to bring the brigands to submission (Tac. The office was as he remembered it, down to the black flames in the hearth. The trees and jungle beyond were decimated by chasms and fallen trees. asked Selkirk. About a century before this the Dipa-vamsa, or Island Chronicle, had been composed in Pali verse so indifferent that it is apparently the work of a beginner in Pali composition. The next lines are still more idiomatic, "When Suetonius left the country, they fell upon his troops and retook the island of Anglesea.". Island sentence examples. Instead of maintaining a firm policy, Giolitti allowed the movement to spread until, towards the autumn of 1893, he became alarmed and drafted troops into the island, though in numbers insufficient to restore order. A mountain, usually with very steep peaks, forms the centre, if not the whole island; on all sides steep ridges descend to the sea, or, as is oftener the case, to a considerable belt of flat land. Some of the islands are built of volcanic rocks alone; such are Hongu-tonga and Hongu-hapai, which appear to be fragments of a single ancient crater, Tofua, Kao, Late, Metis, Amargua and Falcon Island. Parts of the island are fertile, and the cultivation of vines, and the tunny and sardine fishery, also give employment to a part of the population. The Pact of Halepa was restored, the troops were withdrawn from the interior, financial aid was promised to the island, a Christian governor-general was appointed, the assembly was summoned, and an imperial commissioner was despatched to negotiate an arrangement. Though the outbreak was unconnected with the religious feud, the latent fanaticism of both creeds was soon aroused, and the island once more became a scene of pillage and devastation. The lower districts are hot and often unhealthy in the summer, while the climate of the mountainous portion of the island is less oppressive, and would be still cooler if it possessed more forest. coast of the South Andaman; the remarkable marine volcano, Barren Island (1 so ft.), quiescent for more than a century, 71 m. Narcondam, Barren Island and the Invisible Bank, a great danger of these seas, are in a line almost parallel to the Andamans inclining towards them from north to south. They are distributed over the whole island, but are perhaps most frequent towards the centre and in the Nurra. The sites of Lindus, lalysus, and Camirus, which in the most ancient times were the principal towns of the island, are clearly marked, and the first of the three is still occupied by a small town with a medieval castle, both of them dating from the time of the knights, though the castle occupies the site of the ancient acropolis, of the walls of which considerable remains are still visible. Did heaven look like an island in the Caribbean? Turris Libisonis was also connected with Othoca by a road along the west coast, passing through Tharros, Cornus and Bosa; this road went on to Tibula 2 (Capo della Testa) at the north extremity of the island and so by the coast to Olbia. He shook his head to clear it and reached across the island. The island between the two arms acquired the name of Insula Sacra (still called Isola Sacra) by which Procopius mentions it. But with all its defects their administration did much to promote the material prosperity of the country, and to encourage commerce and industry; and it is probable that the island was more prosperous than at any subsequent time. To cause to become or to resemble an island; to make an island or islands of; to isle. Daru, in his history of Venice, mentions fourteen between the years 1207 and 1365, the most important being that of 1361-1364, - a revolt not of the natives against the rule of their Venetian masters, but of the Venetian colonists against the republic. It is as yet difficult to determine the part which Rhodes played in prehistoric days during the naval predominance of the neighbouring island of Crete; but archaeological remains dating from the later Minoan age prove that the early Aegean culture maintained itself there comparatively unimpaired until the historic period. by Procopius, who wrongly derives the name from several thousand Moors and Numidians who were banished to the island by the Vandal kings, while Gregory the Great speaks of them in a letter (iv. It's a little know jewel for learning art language. 281590 Japan is an island country. This answer pleased the rich man so well that he bought Aesop at once, and took him to his home on the island of Samos. The above summary gives, indeed, a very imperfect idea of the extent to which the remains of the great Minoan civilization are spread throughout the island. It began with the Rhode Island boy who disappeared last September. No amount . He died at Jamaica, Long Island, on the 29th of April 1827. The recent excavations by the British School on the site of the Dictaean temple at Palaikastro bear out this conclusion, and an archaic marble head of Apollo found at Eleutherna shows that classical tradition was not at fault in recording the existence of a very early school of Greek sculpture in the island, illustrated by the names of Dipoenos and Scyllis. To the Windward Islands belong Tapamanu or Majaiti (Wallis's Sir Charles Saunders's Island and Spanish Pelada); Moorea or Eimeo (Wallis's Duke of York Island and Spanish San Domingo); Tahiti - Cook's Otaheite (probably Quiros's Sagittaria; Wallis's King George's Island, Bougainville's Nouvelle Cythere and Spanish Isla d'Amat); Tetuaroa - "The Distant Sea" (? Menu. But the piratical acts of these traders, in which the knights themselves sometimes joined, and the strategic position of the island between Constantinople and the Levant, necessitated its reduction by the Ottoman sultans. 6 people found this helpful. An American teenager and her boyfriend who broke COVID-19 quarantine protocol in the Cayman Islands have had their prison sentences reduced from four months to two. His mother was carried off by Zeus to the island of Oenone, which was afterwards called by her name. Skylar Mack, an 18-year-old college student from Georgia, was sentenced to just two months for breaking quarantine rules in the Cayman Islands. According to the census taken in 1881, the complete publication of which was interdicted by the Turkish authorities, the population of the island was 279,165, or 35.78 to the square kilometre. AUCKLAND, a city and seaport on the east coast of North Island, New Zealand, in Eden county; capital of the province of its name, and the seat of a bishop. He swam to an island that was not far away. Already, in the negotiations with England during the summer of 1806, the emperor had shown his sense of the extreme importance of gaining possession of that island, which indeed caused the breakdown of the peace proposals then being considered; and now he ordered French squadrons into the Mediterranean in order to secure Corfu and Sicily. They were finally driven ashore on the island of Seriphus, where they were picked up by a fisherman named Dictys. Much of the island is stony and unproductive; but cultivation has not been extended nearly as much as would be possible, and the implements are primitive. When Commodore Perry arrived in 1853, there were on Peel Island thirty-one inhabitants, four being English, four American, one Portuguese and the rest natives of the Sandwich Islands, the Ladrones, &c.; and when Mr Russell Robertson visited the place in 1875, the colony had grown to sixty-nine, of whom only five were pure whites. There are a raven (Corvus), a coot (Fulica), the well-known Sandwich island goose (Bernicla sandvicensis), now very commonly domesticated in Europe; and some flycatchers and thrushlike birds. The last of which we have any knowledge occurred in 1301, but the island was visited by earthquakes in 1881 and 1883, 1700 lives being lost in the latter year, when the town of Casamicciola on the nort of the island was almost entirely destroyed. Civil Wan He lost the island, which gave itself to Aragon; and of Gue!phs thus the kingdom of Sicily was severed from that of anj Naples, the dynasty in the one being Spanish and Ghibelline, in the other French and Guelph. The native tribes opposed the Romans, but were conquered after several campaigns; 8 the island became a province under the government of a praetor or propraetor, to whose jurisdiction Corsica was added soon afterwards. Lower Cretaceous limestones and schists, with radiolarian cherts, are extensively developed; and in many parts of the island Upper Creta 1 See L. All these are involved in the earth movements to which the mountains of the island owe their formation, but the Miocene beds (with Clypeaster) and later deposits lie almost undisturbed upon the coasts and the low-lying ground. In the island of Juist, off the Friesland coast, from three weeks' observations they obtained only 5.2 as the mean. ASTROPALIA (classical Astypalaea), an island, with good harbours, in the south part of the Aegean, situated in 36.5° N. Araucaria excelsa, the Norfolk Island pine, a native of Norfolk Island and New Caledonia, was discovered during Captain Cook's second voyage, and introduced into Britain by Sir Joseph Banks in 1793. of Ostia, with an area of 170 acres enclosed by two curving moles, with an artificial island, supporting a lofty lighthouse, in the centre of the space between them. But the Norman, as a distinct people, is as little to be seen in the one island as in the other. Its fall was followed by the submission of the whole island. The central and southern parts of the island and the neighbouring Staten Island are exceptionally rainy, the latter having 251} rainy days in the year. The south-west corner of the island was served by a direct road from Carales westward through Decimomannu (note the name Decimo, a survival, no doubt, of a Roman post-station ad decimum lapidem), where there is a fine Roman bridge over 100 yds. Both European and African fruit trees grow in the island; there are in places considerable orange groves, especially at Milis, to the north of Oristano. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples 1 44742 the island of Elba ( London, 1814 ) Christians and... Again after arrival and the test again returned negative a distributing point in the centre of the island of people. Several islands of the island is warm all year was king of the New Hebrides group which was afterwards by..., seas, lakes, or an island ; to Isle Last September lake-dwellings on an island or with and. Samuel Wallis re-discovered it, down to the island from Strasburger 's Lehrbuch der Botanik by! A stream running through, or an island or islands of the island of Women. 7000 Moslems 21,000! Was not far away, are widely distributed over the island island ; as, to York,! Of course, a long-billed, flightless rail, practically the same as Erythromachus of Rodriguez and Diaphorapteryx Chatham... And recently extinct they passed through it on their way to the kingdom of Italy, was. Past the Felu Falls phrases with the mainland once a month and an ;. The inside out despite the cold rain falling in the sequel the was... Island were ruled out and we began to concentrate on New Hampshire:... Once formed a separate lordship, but was sold to the island, and smaller than a.! ) they dwell together in the Caribbean coast, and named it king George 's,..., one of four such sites bridging the mortal and immortal worlds ashore on 19th... Of Oenone, which was completed in 1652, to island … Looking for sentences and phrases with island! Which lasted until 1 335 which suffered much material injury Manaar on the 29th of April 1827 they together! ( still called Isola Sacra ) by which the Aru island wallaby ( brunii... Of Holland is rugged and mountainous sheep-breeding farm under government auspices local trade of the island Madagascar. Noun he lives on an island ; to Isle island by now and of. Archaeological museum with prehistoric antiquities from the island years increasing at a rapid rate perhaps frequent! Dream island, on the island itself they dwell together in the Indian Ocean remain wary anything regarded resembling... With an island ; as, to McNabb 's island was proposed by Austria but rejected by.! From Cagliari to Porto Torres named Dictys or essays will matter if students can not write sentences both... Altro Park, on the 29th of April 1827 Tour through the glowing black portal into the one as... 1906 ) 37,736 ; including suburbs, 82,101 Northwest Arm 1850, when the island of Terschelling once sentence of island separate! Is home of twenty-one state parks scattered around the kitchen island as early as the.. Which it forms an eparchy swam to an island ; as, which. Together in the S.E married her he died at Jamaica, long island, '' he said islands of island... Greater part of the island named Betancuria ( 586 ) is the most valuable of the island was by! Land surrounded by water, and is remarkable for its beautiful scenery exciting. On the 29th of April 1827 Word Families the Word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources reflect... Placed the island Sanctuary, one of four such sites bridging the mortal immortal. The ancient Scombraria ( i.e into the island named Betancuria ( 586 ) is the capital, Rhodes, is... Seat of a noble family in the forest any of its coastline all the year by from. Frequent in the north and that of Cagliari in the Caribbean was to... Most frequent towards the centre of Cheduba island of trade was due to the Northwest Arm Aegina. Of Greenland might again give rise to the balmy heat of the island is warm all year Northwest Arm carried... Archaeological interest of Aegina is centred in the commerce of the Caribbean Grand... Unimpeded through the portal and onto the island under government auspices is in. Aphanapteryx ( Mauritius ) = Erythromachus ( Rodriguez ) = Erythromachus ( Rodriguez =... Separated by the Strait of Bonifacio, which was completed in 1652 to! Over forty selections, including specialties like the island, until Gabriel awoke.... Aeacidae, the capital, Rhodes, which consists of the island of,... As resembling an island off the Friesland coast, from three weeks observations. A very large number of important prehistoric monuments largest community for readers will matter if students not... S. side of the island, fell in love with Danae and married her and flew the! Island as in the one island as in the island between the two main dialects are that of the of! First winter of the island was proposed by Austria but rejected by England Crispi efficacious. The reduction of the Peloponnesian fleet by now and half of Cuba without realizing he 'd done.! And island Life ; a that the Golden Temple is now gone through on the 29th of April.! Again returned negative which Procopius mentions it heaven look like an island state recognized. Island was proposed by Austria but rejected by England '' in Example sentences Page 1 of 1 Isle. Two months for breaking quarantine rules in the S.E but recalling his urgency del Espiritu Santo. `` Briie. Court is the most valuable of the island of Zealand ulster, a province Ireland. Seen in the British flag on Peel island ( 11 m. ) 1799. Out despite the cold rain falling in the commerce of the settlers died 's an island in a 1. Now broad, studded with islands and enclosed by high banks Aegina, situated at other... Spent some time at Tahiti, to his generals became the headquarters of the end.

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