On the 5.2 mile round-trip from the zero mile marker at Norwood Road, visitors can enjoy shade, running waters, wildflowers and fishing opportunities. Mostly flat, thru mostly woods and beside a creek. ", "I rode the trail yesterday with my son on a ""trailer bike"" and my wife on her bike. Two other trails, including the Uwchlan Trail, which extends east into the township for which it was named, and an unnamed spur path that climbs a steep hill to a local subdivision, branch off north of Downingtown, and the trail also forms part of the Brandywine Trail, a longer hiking path that connects Valley Forge and Chadds Ford, and is marked by the blazes on some trees. I live locally to this trail and have many fond childhood memories here. Previously an unused railroad corridor, this "rail-trail" is now a great place to walk Fido in Downingtown! This mountain bike primary trail can be used both directions. Unlike the Struble trail, it’s not completely flat. By the 20th century, most of the community had disappeared. It isn't that hard to find, plus there are lots more paths on that side that will lead you to the basketball courts, pavillions, or over to the Creek. Very rough for skates. While designing the sewer line, he and others suggested that a hiking and biking trail over the sewer line would be a way for the public to take advantage of the construction. A short clip of the Struble Trail in Downingtown. I love this trail. Turn right and walk your bike about 50 yards to a marked crosswalk. Struble Trail connects to various neighborhoods’ trail systems, and is often used to commute between home and work. The early rail line connected hamlets and stations with familiar names such as Dowlin, Dorlan, Lyndell, Cornog, Springton, Glenmoore and Honey Brook. More Stats for Struble Trail mountain bike trail trail. This is a nice place for a warm up. Picnic areas and rest stops are found at various locations, allowing visitors to stop and chat. I really felt lucky to have such a great place to walk that didn’t take me on the narrow roadways in Chester County. It's a bummer how it ends though. Your donation will help us to continue connecting more people to trails around the country. I don't see many of the handicapped accessable parks around, so I figured it would be worth mentoining for those looking for anything like it. The Lower Trail is a 16.5-mile rail trail that follows the Juniata River in West-Central Pennsylvania from Flowing Springs in Blair County to Alfarata in Huntingdon County. English: This photo is taken at the Struble Trail - Uwchlan Trail Head. It is expected that this section of the trail will reopen by August 15. Very fun walk.bike trail. Northern Struble Trail Feasibility Study. A portion of the trail is dedicated Scotty McMillan, whose life was taken at a very young age in November, 2014. Avast just released a new experimental Chrome browser extension called WebTrails that lets users see the personal data that third-party companies might be using to profile them. To reach the Norwood Road trailhead from US Highway 30 Bypass traveling west, exit at Route 282 near Downingtown. The Struble Trail also connects to the Uwchlan Trail which is nice to add variety and distance. The Struble Trail: Quiet trail - See 157 traveler reviews, 20 candid photos, and great deals for Downingtown, PA, at Tripadvisor. The Chester County Facilities and Parks Department manages the multi-use recreational trail. Neither was given an extension prior to this season, which means both will enter restricted free agency. Unlike the Struble trail, it’s not completely flat. In the early 1950’s, he was involved with developing the Brandywine Watershed Work Plan, which resulted in Struble Dam and Lake, Marsh Creek Dam and Lake, Barneston Dam, Beaver Creek Dam, and Hibernia Dam and Chambers Lake at Hibernia Park. As the 20th Century dawned, the Downingtown and Lancaster Railroad Company continued to see hard financial times with little commerce on its rails and hence little investment in upkeep. Turn at the second drive on the right, where you see the trailhead.To reach the Norwood Road trailhead from US Highway 30 Bypass traveling east, exit at US 322. Robert G. “Bob” Struble was born in Westmoreland County, near Pittsburgh. Why? But it is well maintained and always used by many. Both trails are paved. At the light you will make a right. I grew up in West Chester, and now live on west coast. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. (Dorlan). There is also some limited parking at this point as well. There are benches and picnic tables along the trail. How wonderful it would have been to feel safe to continue on to Marsh Creek. Learn about more fishing opportunities at Chester County Parks. Connections are. There are also some side dirt paths used by fishers that you can take to get closer to the water. Discover the latest Struble Trail related news stories from Chester County and Pennsylvania. They have not taken care of removing branches and debris from the race that carries fresh water to the ponds, so the ponds are absolutely choked with algae. Constructed in 1979 along an old rail line that once connected Downingtown to Honey Brook, New Holland, and thence to Lancaster, the Struble Trail is one of the oldest rail trails in both Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia metropolitan area. While only a short 2.6 miles, Chester County’s Struble Trail is a well-used route that connects to several neighborhood trail systems and is popular with bike commuters, walkers, cross-country skiers, and even horseback riders on the undeveloped sections. The existing Struble Trail is a County-owned facility that begins in Downingtown Borough and extends 3 miles north to Dorlans Mill Road in Uwchlan Township just south of Marsh Creek State Park. If you follow the lot to the sidewalk and take a right, you can ride comfortably along past sandwich shops, a big drug store and eventually a convenience store on the other side of the first traffic light. You Might Also Be Interested In: Explore All the Trails Fly fishing in the East Branch of the Brandywine on a warm, spring evening. There are benches along trail to sit and watch the Brandywine flow bye. Uploaded: 5/7/2015. A trail crossing sign mark the beginning of the newly completed Historic Battlefield Trail Extension Tuesday in Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park. Many residential neighborhoods are in this area west of Marsh Creek, and up Highspire road. All that is needed Is a four ft. chainlink fence along steep areas. The Uwchlan Trail's east end is just beyond a country club where an unnamed biking path picks up and weaves it's way through a quiet residential development and corporate park both under the name Eagleview. on Facebook for more info. There is a delayed harvest area from the Shelmire Road parking area up to the Dolan Mill parking area. This almost immediately puts the rite aid on your right side. Unlike the Struble trail, … There is a portable toilet and trash cans are there. Other than that the trail itself is very relaxing, and peaceful. This fishing area is accessible from Struble Trail, and has an open season that is extended beyond the regular trout season. Nice trail and scenic settings. When you get to the top of the damn, you have multiple choices of singletrack and jeep trail. Take the road on the right as the left branch just sort of ends up fizzling out, judging from the deer path we were on. The Chester Valley Trail will generally follow a now-abandoned rail corridor and will connect Chester County’s Struble Trail in Exton with Montgomery County’s Schuylkill River Trail in Norristown. By 1890 the line extended another ten miles from New Holland to connect with the Main Line at Conestoga, east of Lancaster. The Learning Trail is a series of signs and stenciled prompts that adults can use to help prepare small children for success in kindergarten. I enjoy it but if you go when it is busy, you'll not go over 6mph. So yeah, Struble trail is really nice heading up along the creek and a perfect jumping off spot for further exploration. For another way to extend the ride, continue from Struble Trail's south end to where it dead ends at Creek Road (Rt 282)/Norwood Road. Hope this helps someone out. The Northern Struble Trail Feasibility Study examines the extension of the Schuylkill River Trail north and west of Marsh Creek State Park. My sister still lives outside of Downingtown. He was also instrumental in developing the Chester County Conservation District and the Chester County Water Resources Authority. I would like it to go up to Marsh Creek State Park. If you start in Downingtown you will find a connecting trail at about 1.75 miles. The Lower Trail is owned and maintained by Rails to Trails of Central Pennsylvania, a 501c3 organization. The open, paved section extends 2.6 miles westward from the edge of Downingtown Borough following the East Branch of the Brandywine Creek. Struble Trail had its birth as the East Brandywine Railroad Company and later as the Pennsylvania Railroad’s New Holland Branch. On the other side of the avenue the trail continues alongside Brandywine Creek, ambling to a dead end after about a mile. Just beyond the convenience store is Kerr Park where you can easily find a way to get in another relaxing mile or so. Aufgrund der Steigung und Distanz ist die Strecke für all Struble Trail ist ein 5.1 Meilen langer, moderat besuchter Hin- und Rückweg in der Nähe von Downingtown, Pennsylvania. The Free Little Library station offers free books along the trail as well. It also tracks any significant security events that have affected those websites and lets users know if any of … It's a good place for the kids to ride on a tricycle or bicycle with or without training wheels. For another way to extend the ride, continue from Struble Trail's south end to where it dead ends at Creek Road (Rt 282)/Norwood Road. Submit one here. Sitting on the original rail bed of the Waynesburg Rail Line, the trail is generally flat, and although some undulations occur, the terrain is considered low in user difficulty. The majority of the trail is a paved surface. The Struble Trail also connects to the Uwchlan Trail which is nice to add variety and distance. The camera was mounted on the handlebars so the video isn't a clear as it could have been. We typically use the parking lot entrance off Dorian Mill Rd & Rt 282 Creek Rd. There are also plaques describing the mill that once sat on the property and the way the area was used for charcoal production and the mill race that powered the mill. Chester County is expecting to extend the trail into Downingtown. It's a good little ride, more for families with little ones as it's really short. My only suggestion would be dog waste stations along the trail. The rope swing has been removed, and the post & rail fence has been extended across the opening to the swimming hole area. Folien Beutel Verpackungsmaschinen Verpackungsmaschine Reinraumverpackungen. The trail follows the path of the former Pennsylvania Railroad Petersburg Branch along the Frankstown Branch of the Juniata River. The side drops off right next to trail into the river. Very nice paved trail. Films Bags Packaging Machines Cleanroom packaging. Build a car, a plane, a boat or maybe a… carplaneboat? Jump, clap, skip, imagine, pretend, create and more! For the adventurous, take the trail south though Kerr Park to where it dead ends at Lancaster Avenue. December 10, 2020 at 5:03 am EST By Tim Bryant. The Chester Valley Trail is currently 14.7 miles in length with 13.5 miles open for use in Chester County and 1.2 miles open to the east in Montgomery County. If you follow the lot to the sidewalk and take a right, you can ride comfortably along past sandwich shops, a big drug store and … Cross Norwood Road directly to this unnamed paved path that winds through a wooded area for about one-half mile and into a gravel parking lot. It's an excellent trail but much to short. In 1979, the trail became a reality and was dedicated as the Robert G. Struble Hiking and Biking Trail. The Struble Trail comes in from the east across the street from the paper mill, approximately 90 feet north of the creek and roughly paralleling 282 at that point. They also have stopped properly mowing the areas next to the trail, so the whole area has become an unsightly mess, and a breeding ground for Mosquitos. Dowlin Forge, the stabilized ruins of a 19th century iron forge, is just north of the trail at the Dowlin Forge Road crossing. Popular with cyclists, hikers and fishing enthusiasts, Struble Trail also intersects with the Uwchlan Trail at about the 1¾ mile mark and Lion’s Trail, which connects to Kardon Park in Downingtown. Because they have plans to sell Kardon Park to a developer who intends to stuff it with 300+ row homes and commercial space. The trail is all paved now. There are two main areas - north east of the damn and north west of the damn. The developer says they will leave the trail there for public use, but who really wants to walk or bike through an overcrowded development. I did a struble trail video before for my patreon channel, Here is another. They love it. STRUBL represents a medium size company in the plastic-packaging and packaging-system business. Turn left on Pennsylvania Avenue and proceed to State Route 282. This would also allow Downingtown residents full non motorized access to Marsh Creek trails via Lyndell road trailhead access. Seriously? I hope you enjoy the nature. Cross Norwood Road directly to this unnamed paved path that winds through a wooded area for about one-half mile and into a gravel parking lot. Not only do I feel that it is nice to note that it is handicapped accessable, I think it would be good to mention there is an "all Abilities" (and otherwise really nice) playground with picinic area down the road from here. Turn left on State Route 282. Nice to do a warm-up ride up the paved Struble trail to the end, turn right and climb up to the first bend in Dorlan Mills Rd. ", TrailLink is a free service provided by Rails-to-Trails conservancy, We're a non-profit all about helping you enjoy the outdoors, Norwood Rd. Saw deer. In October, 1942 the Pennsylvania Railroad’s Philadelphia Division issued a “Report Covering the Abandonment of the New Holland Branch.” By 1949, an 8.1-mile section from Glenmoore to just west of Honey Brook was officially out of service. The section that is now Struble Trail was placed out of service from 1966 to 1973. There are portable toilets to use. Surviving buildings and traces of landmarks associated with the iron forge can be found along park trails in western Uwchlan Township. The blaze on the tree indicates that the Struble, like the EBBT to the south, doubles as part of the route for the longer Brandywine Trail. At the southern end, users have the option of either using the trailhead off Norwood RFoad, and or continuing further south on The Lions' Trail, which continues through Kardon Park to a larger parking, situated just a couple blocks from the downtown. The review below "more than just two miles" refers to offshoot Shamona Creek Trail although this is actually the Uwchlan Trail named in the TrailLink.com main description. The Struble Trail also connects to the Uwchlan Trail which is nice to add variety and distance. However, we did see a deer about 5 feet away and some rabbits too. This causes of of these residents to have to use the 282 for a mile, or two to reach the struble trail. It is also known as the R.G. The tool creates an easy-to-digest, visual report that includes the websites and social media platforms users visit the most. Altitude change. The right hand fork takes you to the bottom of the damn which has one big switchback across it to climb it. "Although the description shows 2 miles, you can make this more than a 2 mile trip. Help defend and expand trails nationwide. Taken April 2015. Struble Trail is perfect for riding bicycles, running, hiking and walking. You could easily add another 2-3 miles safely riding around here. Turn left off the exit and proceed on Norwood Road under the US Highway 30 bridge. Struble Trail is a 3 mile less popular white gravel path family friendly trail located near Downingtown Pennsylvania. See "Friends of Kardon Park." A group of concerned citizens is fighting to save the park in court. The Born Learning Trail is part of the United Way of Chester County’s Early Childhood Education Initiative designed to assist parents and caregivers in engaging their young children in quality early learning activities. My disappointment has always been that the trail does not extend up to Lyndell. Struble Hike-Bike Trail.. Permission from local property owners allows anglers many opportunities for fishing enjoyment. Become a member and wear your FREE T-Shirt with pride. Uwchlan Woods and Williamsburg Developments. I’ll stick to running or biking :). It has 3 miles (4.8 km) currently open and 15.53 miles (24.99 km) of proposed trails. The Struble Trail is a 2.6 mile hike and bike path just north of Downingtown, PA in Chester County. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, running, and road biking and is best used from March until November. Its paved surface, relatively level grade and the fact that it passes through wooded areas adjacent to the Brandywine River provide a pleasant, serene experience that is a welcome break from the bustling urban suburban environments that dominate this part of the state. Background. Without the Struble Trail and the Uwchlan Trail it would have been much more difficult for us.

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